We created this site to encourage vigorous discussion about the design of healthcare spaces — buildings, offices, exam rooms, technical spaces, waiting rooms, all of it — in the new pandemic era.

MESH Architectures is a multi-disciplinary architecture firm, founded in 1997. Our staff have experience designing healthcare facilities. But in this new era, the truth is that nobody has ready-to-go answers. We take pride in our ability to solve problems and create new, creative solutions, in both physical (buildings) and digital media (online). That’s what this new reality requires.

The new reality requires us to take flexibility seriously, so our facilities can keep pace with current knowledge and real-world conditions, such as patient admission rates and treatment methods. It requires us to move quickly as conditions change. Most of all it requires tight and responsive coupling between procedures/protocols, physical facility spaces, and information systems.

We will be answering questions when we can and inviting other experts to weigh in and facility personnel to share their experiences. The goal is to foster a lively, informative sharing of concerns, ideas, and knowledge. Nobody has all of the answers, and information models are constantly being updated by doctors, scientists, and public health experts all over the globe.

We structured this site in a question-and-answer format to encourage curiosity and inquiry. What is not working? What needs expansion? What needs better connection? What feels like it’s not performing as efficiently as it should be?

The heroic doctors, nurses, paramedics, PAs, administrators, and staff deserve the most accommodating and high-performance spaces we can give them. We encourage everyone in healthcare to ask whatever is on their mind about the spaces they work in. And we encourage other architects, designers, administrators, lawyers, and other experts to join us to help solve the facilities problems of the COVID-19 era.